WIND IN MY SAILS Lyrics – Earl Sweatshirt

[Intro: Eugene McDaniels]
They landed at Plymouth
With a smile on their face
My whole disposition like fuck who told me to sit
Ten toes on the cement, lil weed in my socks
Sin – do songs to repent, clean up my thoughts
We in a box, see a lot of niggas talk on the bench
A lotta father figures followin’ trends, I ain’t involved with ’em
Lemmings like to fall off of cliffs and bring they squad with ’em
I seen God in the mirror drinking, I tee off when the spirit hit me
And I don’t fear the ending, I feel the envy
I listen to my past when it whisper to me
Half of it makes sense, my nigga half of it riddles to me

Moses with a makeshift staff sending ripples through ya
And through the land, and the river been a plan
But when I go to grab it, it slither out my hand
So on my other hand, I been handling business
Kinda shabby but my momma told me “Man up, my nigga”

And now I’m Popeye with the anchor tats and the spinach
Finna spazz on a nigga if I have to
Risk takers know Satan knew dance moves
It could be your last move
Hard to see the glass half full, when you don’t have food
Wrist dangling like black fruit, nigga

Crossing all my T’s
And I’m dotting all my I’s
Gotta watch out for debris
When it’s fallin’ down
As far as I can see
I done confronted all the shit
I couldn’t walk around
Keep a piece when you on the ground
Leakin’, you hard as Hell

Keep some wind in my sails
Walkin’ down La Brea

Name ringin’ bells like we got some mail

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