RAP MONUMENT Lyrics – Nipsey Hussle

[Verse 1: Pusha T] They think that they know, something ’bout my life Not in the same cla**, not on the same flight Maybe the same club, just not the same lights Both f**ed the same b**h, just not the same night You just took her phone number I just took her home with a- ‘Nother b**h, ménage Boomerang, Strange’ Lipstick on my collar, Oscar de la renta(y) Your hijo pequeño, my nachos, bel grande Stay sippin’ that André Spent 3 stacks, that’s André That Balmain, that Phillip Lim They say i’m dressing like Kanye I’m everything that my rhymes say: Breadwinner, brand owner Play Cloths, millionaire Trendsetter, landowner Hope your b**h don’t land on him Drink in his hand with the sand on him You small time, you Hyundai’s You couch n***as, we stand on ’em Dope money with a band on it Half gold, we got a hand on it D-boys still ball the same Just gotta little bit of glam on it YAH! [Verse 2: Bryant Dope] I got flames for your download link I let Ja Rule when I murder ink Murder pink, murder what you thought and what you think This Queens prodigy is the product of what you ain’t Well packaged to distribute to the masters Plotted this since first grade cla**es Cla** is elements of a cla**ic I’ve got evidence of a master You never thought you’d be bodied by a ba*tard A bachelor who backspin on breakbeats Break necks of broke souls who hate me Hate he? you can’t take my heat Fireball flow can’t bat in my league I’m the best rapper that’s been slept on Stick around like gum that’s been stepped on Stepped on, I stepped up, so what up? Tryna make bread with these damn cold cuts I cold crush every beat that I touch My words silk and my flow is pure plush Tell HudMo Dope says “what’s up?” [Verse 3: Go Dreamer] Go Dreamer’s a [?], wish upon a star I’m too cold for Pluto so I’m movin’ back to Mars This that spaceship, that space sh** This that category 5, this that quake, b**h See I’m so funked out, like out of here Like blue lights in the basement And it’s a red state, in Georgia with it Last verse, did you get it? Nah Never mind, just throw that cash in a duffle As I’m on my Hollywood shuffle Eatin’ your dollar truffles, this acquirin’ taste Tantalise so you can see the bigger picture that God is the light In the fixture or in the background Cut all the hatin’ in the background Cause if music and money is the motive then you’re so gimmick Who’s to tell me I can’t have a trillion dollar grilled cheese sandwich? Boy stop playin’, stop playin’ I’m just sayin’, just sayin’ Now who else wanna f** with Hollyweird Go? [Verse 4: Retch] Break up and roll it, light it and smoke it Pa** it, don’t hold it, lovin’ that potent I’m drinkin’ and smokin’, it still got me goin’ These bad hoes is gruntin’, their booties is pokin’ Out them little dresses, [?] He don’t even smoke but tell bu*ter roll an ounce Cause I’m way too f**ed up and I’m too turnt up And I brought my own sh** and I do my own stunts Young and I’m wildin’, [?] try him He’ll call me Retch but your b**h call me Bryan In Polo I’m stylin’, it’s all that I’m rockin’ If you catch me not in ‘Lo it’s a problem ‘Less it’s a Champion suit, then I’m trappin’ [?] got all this ‘Lo all from rappin’? Used to have a n***a that was down to get to clappin’ Seen it on a video, he yappin’ to the captain [?] snitchin’ These [?] cause these n***as switchin’ And these n***as b**hin’ more than these b**hes And I’m just so sick of this sh**, it’s ridiculous Middle finger to the feds, [?] all day Take her out to eat then I make a b**h pay And my wine [?] and my shrimps sautéed And I’m chillin’ in LA with [?] for the day [Verse 5: Nipsey Hussle] Ain’t that a b**h? Foot up on the dash, ain’t no brakes in this b**h Cover girl givin’ face to the Crip Somethin’ ’bout a n***a on the way to the chips High off the money and I’m wasted as sh** High off the life and she can’t get a grip Hundred dollar cup and you can’t get a sip I’m a million dollar n***a, you should take you a flick Hundred thousand dollar car where I sit And my broad is the sh** Crenshaw in the 6 Got it parked at the Shell in front of all of the Crips You either ball or you brick She don’t know money so she callin’ you rich You ain’t got game so you fall for the sh** Spend it all in this b**h ’til it’s gone and she split Now you feel like a wimp Talkin’ ’bout what you was buildin’ and sh** Got you all up in your feelings and sh** Problem is, she addicted to the real n***a sh** To the [?] 50 dollar, hundred dollar bill sh** [?] gold crown on a real n***a wrist Fresh like my nephew Khalil in this b**h .40 cal, no concealing the sh** 4 gun cases, I’m still with the sh** Backlit, wood wheel when I whip Got her right up on my lap, that’s a real n***a risk And then feel on my tip Hoes like feel then I Stockton a**ist It ain’t no stoppin’ sh** Avoid the potholes, put stocks on the 6 [Verse 6: Problem] Got Mary blowing Jane We f**ing high, s** on a plane Hey newscaster, we about to rain Loving the club because we fill the section with pain, c’mon Blow him up, finna explode All of hell’s kitchen praying he don’t stick from the stove God got me, illum-i-not-me written in bold Slept on, now I’m everywhere like g-g-g-go crazy Buy 150 Let me tell y’all now, I want Nicki Lift her up high up like helicopter far away from her fellow Let her play problem While problem tongue play with propeller (what) Keep fresh just in margielas Diamond lane running thangs ain’t sh** you can tell us (don’t tell us nothing) Done everything, ain’t sh** you can sell us Money over bullsh**, friction derail us (naw) [?] n***as, yeah we take it or leave it But know it’s over since I was [?] You nervous like I thought you seen [?] [?] [?] I’m a boss [?] [?] [?] Cause I’m a mad man [?] Put you to sleep like the sandman Give me the throne, I’m a chairman (diamond) Rolex beat, it’s time for just winning, no fakes Just copped more 4 5’s and 9s, I ain’t talking bout no J’s Please be afraid but I ain’t the shooter [?] Riding shotty in the chevy [?] know as a Krueger Lyrical ruler [?] You lukewarm, boy, go get you a cooler please Your b**h know that I’m cooler, please Your b**h know that I’m cooler, please So cool I could f**ing die if I drop a few degrees Boss daddy used to call the police Get it good girl, use your knees I love them brainiacs Yeah, my last ho had a few degrees (for real) Back on my Compton sh** Demonic how I demolish sh** Angelic with my intuition Student of game make hoes pay tuition (huh) No dice, no pill, but I’m on a roll That one n***a that Kendrick can’t control (what) Problem [Verse 7: Danny Brown] That Ambien in my ink pen Move the brown squares like Wheat Thins Y’all five days and a weekend Stay smokin’ on that defense That’s 2 or 3 and I’m zonin’ Got money like I cloned it Your b**h came through and I owned it Rims on the Caddy and I ice-cream coned it Homie, you ain’t hitting on nothin’ Drop that top when I hit that bu*t Pimp so hard it’s a full time job Swear, 12 stacks in my glove box b**h n***as, tell me what it’s gon’ be Young n***a chop it up 223 Come to the D, don’t hit OGs And my advice is stay low-key b**h we great, b**h we great, f**in’ set b**h we jump up, b**h we jump up, we gotta have it Gotta get it, we gotta get it, we gonna take it b**h we jump, say b**h we jump, we gotta make it Couple racks up on them [?] Your b**h here smoked my trippy stick Ridiculous, put dick on tit, spit on clit And it’s over with, I’m over it No sober sh** [?] Y’all ho told me come over here So guess what n***a it’s over with And it’s over with [Verse 8: Meyhem Lauren] Fresh out the wave pool, my n***as made cool We wrote the blueprint for the sh** y’all n***as try to do If I’m not outside, then I’m probably inside your boo My team’s official, you ain’t sh**, that’s why she’s trying my crew Pardon me, I move retardedly This sh** is old to me, the real New York is part of me I’m always shopping, keep it fly, Lauren is archery Don’t get it twisted, realistic, I could part the sea My life is fast, I take a chance when I insert the key And then I turn it up, that’s really how you work the V Your stash ain’t never dry if you getting your work from me We do this sh** perfectly, we’re enough to rise the mercury Heat n***as, street n***as Reflect those both when I be rapping on the beat, n***as Looking Cambodian whilst standing at the podium My flow was opium, we co*k bottles and open them The relevance [Verse 9: Raekwon da Chef] Stop by, tryna see a n***a All I buy is these trees, king 100 ki’s in them streets, n***a Mask me up in grease Sneaker game is lethal N.Y., them eagles Fly through, get high too Fly as hell, might as well Hire you the live group Come through with that live crew Birds chirpin’, cop that Birkin Boo, yo, I supplied you Liable to be in Beirut, no Beirut, this debut Slick, little n***as get gun pounding Keep moving, who saved you? Play who? Not me Me and Bronson, not we Two real n***as sitting in the East Coast Ice is on, eat clothes f** around and k** one of y’all clown a** n***as, word up Take your two, take your hat Take a nap, put your a** ton the ground, little n***as We pound n***as and drown n***as and Hemmied up, that brown, n***as All my n***as get stemi’d up Hennessy, Louie V Me and you, me and her We as one and she is done Battle rap me three to one Freedom after, kingdom come [Verse 10: Vado] Triple hundred K in my duffle Give a hundred K to my muscle Slept a hundred days, just wakin’ up Need a brick, just break it up Break it down, then take the cut We shave around like a taper cut I weigh the pound, if you hatin’ us ‘Bout to paint the town, most hated what Most hated what, grab the dice then shake ’em up Talked hundreds since 8 and up You lost the onions, no makin’ up No blunts but y’all fake as f** It’s gym time and I’m shapin’ up I’ve been foulin’, when Blake get up You gon’ waste a life, you need to hang it up Dreams, click clack Man down with that chrome Uz’ On his back like “n***a don’t move” Word to mother, we don’t lose Talk [?] like we don’t move See Gutter, be home soon See Gutter, he’ll be home soon [Bridge: Vado] x2 What’s good? Talk the money, what’s good? Haters frontin’, what’s good? I’m pullin’ up like, “What’s good?” You know I got it, what’s good? My people’s ’bout it, what’s good? Never stop, we never settle Gotta push the pedal in that hood [Verse 11: Kilo Kish] I sit in the back of the room Legs crossed, melting wax Another free drink so soon? All good, knock it back Red lights, heart attack Just a dream with no end in sight Waking up to evening Now it seems I live this rotten life Spoiled rotten life, frozen hair with burning hands Coming out to dance with other drones who couldn’t give a damn But when the night calls Redcurrant lipstick with the lights off Look at all the bottles lined up Wondering who they could pop for Golden ember to the black floor Burning monks to [?] Part of the action Retweet, now you’re the attraction Sit around and watch them Watch their faces and reactions Then blur the lines until the sun Is back on your horizon [Verse 12: Zombie Juice (of Flatbush Zombies)] Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe I’m in it, potent marijuana running sh** like the mayor Rap game Peter Parker web swinging through the air My minds in the clouds and I ain’t got a beer See I ain’t got a care k** them now and reap the benefits Coldest n***a out and I ain’t sold no f**ing disc Henny bottle-eater, 3 grams in the f**in’ spliff Call it what you want I’m a zombie b**h I’m off this sh** [Verse 13: Erick Arc Elliott (of Flatbush Zombies)] Yo prada never gonna pile up If you can’t follow this game, n***a My team smoking that green If you ain’t seen me then you must be a lame, n***a And I’ll give you three shots hold this heat down Shorty p**y so wet she could soak a beach towel But meanwhile, [?] she thought it was a freestyle Everybody wanna floss like a G now What about me? Never had to give a sh** about me Zombie gang all y’all n***as pace is On some basic sh** it’s no wonder that you sound the same So forever am I living staying out of prison Mommy told me different but these n***as don’t hear it Forever am I living staying out of prison Mommy told me different but these n***as don’t hear it [Verse 14: Meechy Darko (of Flatbush Zombies)] I heard lifes a b**h so I spit in simile Hit and lick so I stay hitting licks on the ave Hitting licks who is this? that be Meech Zombie walking casualty beat to beat till it’s actually fragments Girl you ride a [?] and no not a can of soda Tearing flesh beating p**y like [?] No High school diploma but baby I’m a street soulja School of the hard knocks every cla** I leap over Smith and Wesson .500, long nose, mazel tov Shoot a man who squeal then I peel like an old cut Like my women height and not even trying And if she leaky leaky then Meechy gon’ dive in Ha, mic check check me, skin darker than Wesley Two-eighths of shrooms got me dancing like Mr. Bentley Mind yo’ f**in’ business, why you think the whip is tinted? The darkest sh** in it smoking up to infinite [Verse 15: Renegade El Rey] Renegade, n***a let’s get it straight from the gate I’ma tell you what it is, I’ma tell you what it ain’t See you ain’t gotta question Or better yet second guess anything that I might say You see not a single syllable is out of place I rock a venue, people barely know my name What I’m tryna tell you is I ain’t gotta tell you a f**in’ thing I’ma show so you know n***as either do or they don’t And bein’ number two is what I won’t be I’m silincin’ lambs and sheep, don’t sleep Cause my characteristics are that of a cannibal Call this sh** Hannibal Lector My timing’s impeccable, sharp like a razorblade And you look dissectible I’ve been on my mind for days Cause homie we’ve been in the grind for years Southern eagle, [?]f** ’em all mane, we don’t fly in fear I grew up in the city where they figured they can k** dreams when they k** king To get their shot, [?] I stay strapped, f** you mean? ‘Bout my green, I need bread, I’m like “f** the rest” When I need bread, I’m like “f** the rest” I be up all night tryna chase the check Prolly spent it fast, I need to make it back M.E.M.P.H.I.S, they could never stop me Check these lames and pimp this game Let’s put it in my pocket [Verse 16: Rockie Fresh] And they will never know ’bout all the nights that we prayed All the meetings we took, and all the records we played I tried to tell ’em I’m the sh**, but they told us, “no way” With no cuts, they’re like a barber, they’re about to catch fades My number one rule is that I gotta get paid I’ve been thinkin’ this way since I was in the 6th grade No English, I ain’t talk, but boy could add In the school of hard knocks I’m a f**in’ grad In these Pumas I’ma run sh**, high so I’m above sh** Lame a** n***as gon’ f** with Bathing Ape trucker, I’m a fly mothaf**a My team lookin’ at me like every time it’s supper Cause they know I’m gon’ feed ’em, Rocky been a boss I ain’t worried ’bout the price cause I can clearly pay the cost I’m the sharpest guy around and I’ma always cut my loss Then come back for the win, I’ma make it, then I spin [Verse 17: Pill] Real west side n***a, [?] Might pull the piece, somebody call a Buddhist [?] put me high [?] You can do that, flyin’, f**, do this And yeah I’m from the slimiest place where the bombs are pacin’ n***as call me Jason when the guns are chasin’ Might hit ’em with the TEC, yeah the foul is flagrant You be on [?] Hand in the bowl when your hand really cold Work the light in the day shift I don’t really give a f** as long as I get paid shift New Cadillac, chopper, no new blade sh** I go crazy on this beat right now I really gotta go and spit heat right now Don’t matter what the f** it’s prada Well fitting suits eating on clam chowder Knock it out the park like Eric Estrada Remember I was shoppin’ at Family Dollar Got your main b**h Facebookin’, beggin’ for a swallow Pop this pill then I pop my collar Park this sh** then I toss a couple dollars Instagram, gon’ post for some follows I’ve been in and out my zone if you really wanna know I got Hen and got Patron if you’re really tryna go [Verse 18: Bodega Bamz] Oh, you don’t know Bamz? I’m what the music game need Like Rich when he just came home and then gave the keys to a [?] Oh, you don’t know Bamz? f** n***a, that n***a go chopped 7:30 my time, I’m on psychiatric watch Oh, you don’t know Bamz? Show and prove for what? I got XXL mula, I got b**hes tryna get f**ed Oh, you don’t know Bamz? Not again [?] boy catch up Pool junkie rack up [?] act up Trunk with the mac truck bulletproof’ed up Oh, you don’t know Bamz? Double parked on murder lane 187 my address, Boulevard of pain Oh, you don’t know Bamz? My cellphone backed up My clientele meet once No voice mail, just call me up, uh Hit me up when you want that co*k Hit me up when you want more dick Hit me up when you want that co*k Hit me up when you want more dick [Verse 19: Remy Banks] As I sit back and roll up this black demeanor Reminiscing on my past, still dreaming about that Beamer I never was that kid in the streets gripping on Nina’s And still I was that [?] Leaders with the baddest features Dog ’em then it’s onto the next like I do my sneakers That was the life I was living, careless about their feelings Caught cheating, ask for forgiveness, of course I got my way But now I’m older and wiser, cruising through summer days With a little Ma riding in the pa**enger, she rolling up that lavender Purple cannabis rapture, hit a high like (a Jersey??) in the rafters You wing a Frazier, some smart players until we major Traveling the world, collecting paper, pissing off these haters Come back home and invest in something then ball out later In five star restaurants high as hell when I tip my waiter Providing for my seed when I bring one in this world But until that day gets here I’m thinking about these joints, twerk [Verse 20: k**er Mike] Lord have mercy I’m so motherf**ing fresh to d**h better call my hearse My hearse a 72442 with an all wood wheel and that b**h’ll vert My Oldmobile is a cold mobile Got a cold, young chick down in Mobile My stacks so fat can’t even hold that Fold that, lay flat like I lack no wheel Lay flat like I lack no wheels for real A n***a had to cold the corner, move crack for real Move crack for real No rap sh**, but I rap rap sh**, my rap sh** for real So you rapping a** rabbit a** ratchet a** n***as Gotta listen to these raps for real Cuz, I don’t give a f** if you a Blood or a cuz Cause I draw blood for real Tryna hang in my city, tryna see a [?] They don’t pity n***as, you’ll get hit for real These maggot a** hoes ain’t hit on sh** They’ll set you up for the loot sh**, man Thinking that’s your b**h, better have your sh** Better have quick hands like Gucci Mane n***as tryna get a brick of Kathy Lee Gifford Better be strapped like Clifford It’s the big, black n***a then drip of the big black pistol I suggest you confess where you keeping all the money, mister At the work she see a hearse But at the best he just will pistol whip ya Get to see you child and live Lord have mercy, please forgive ’em, gone [Verse 21: Del Harris] Young Del God is handsome Your girl, she’s on ransom She don’t wanna come back Cause you don’t make her [cum?] On the beats I do go dumb [?] And I make her squirt [?] when she grab that water gun Now f** that brag rap, man I’m Batman, I’m Bruce Wayne I’m kickin’ it, I’m Liu Kang I’m [?] these n***as, they’re too lame Unorthodox, they’re too tame I’m right hand but play left I’ll chop a trend down ’til there ain’t no more plain left Now pay respect to them gods, n***as Not talkin’ church, talkin’ [?] n***as On boulevards where we ride Hovercrafts cause we fly Q Gang ’til I die Pyramid on my eye bu*ton up on my chest [?] chain on top, no tie While I’m choppin’ up this thai food Young Del God make god moves Young Del God say “f** fate” If I lose then I choose to This that chateau rap, that sh** that n***as ain’t used to Might salad fork while I choose to While I’m fine dining on YouTube I’m a king, I said that I’m a king Go to Onyx with an Onyx [?] on my ring [Verse 22: YG] I’m back in this b**h bashing These rappers be swagger jacking Clap ’em not, they don’t even matter 1-2, this lung been splattered And I heat a pistol on something I keep a fifth on the belt Pulling out the needles with the liable Make shine sit on the shelf Cause I ain’t light on the body f** waiting in your lobby Hannah Montana finally did grew up I’ve been waiting on Miley I’m g**ning ’til I break my fingers Ti’l all my family members speak the slanguage I ain’t even drop no album yet Off mixtapes, that’s how I’ve been maintaining If you a b**h n***a, sorry In backs there is bodies Have your best friend, cuzzo, uncle, pops and another Bury you in front of everybody If I ain’t been who you are I don’t f** with you If I f** with you then I’m stuck with you I’m stuck with you, I’ll shoot it out Do some years and a couple months with you, woo [Verse 23: CyHi da Prince] Lyrically I am the epitome of a real MC Biblically I am Timothy, visually I am Tripoli Full of bigotry, fighting with Gaddafi over liberty [?], sipping Hennessy That’s my only vice, old school noisy pipes I ain’t tryna be the richest, I’m cool with an M like Obie Trice Rappers sing the same song, it must be karaoke night That sh** sound like you sang the hokey pokey twice But this the main event, can’t tell me that I ain’t a prince A one-hit wonder to your girl cause I came and went But this that fly talk, smoke it, you’ll get high off The best thing to happen to the street since the sidewalk Or the stop sign, or the shots flying From a Glock 9, now the block crying, I don’t freestyle, I jot mine Call me Mr 1-800, all I got is hotlines These n***as tell so many stories they can overlook the skyline [Verse 24: Young Thug] Thugger! Now I been rich since I was little like Robin Hood They been hatin’ on me, cutting my cable cords They gon’ hate on her when she come in Michael Kors Meanwhile, your diction is lack, grippin’ this wood I want you She went to grabbin’ for my j**els, I told her Buy yourself a squad, you get a rollie, rollie She know she can’t have it, that sh** love my woadie She want to buy him a chinchilla She see you serve foreign country boys from the village Always, I gotta stand her No, she don’t want nobody to eat but her She but like f** them digits, stack them digits Cut them then we benefit, cut them then we send them into She ride three deep with molly in the middle Put ? all on my Jeep Ain’t got no handprints on my golds, they all on my seat Ten-thousand-dollar toe rings, featured by me b**hes know it’s time out They be f**ing me so good, I be like ‘Time out!’ They want to f** me ’til I tell ’em all to time out She stroke it, I can’t coach it, I’m like ‘Time out!’ I’m not no snitch, but I be tellin’ ’em, tellin’ ’em, tellin’ ’em, tellin’ ’em Tellin’ ’em, tellin’ ’em, tellin’ ’em, tellin’ ’em I’m so tired of tellin’ ’em, tellin’ ’em, tellin’ ’em, tellin’ ’em Tellin’ ’em, tellin’ ’em, tellin’ ’em, tellin’ ’em Now I’ma show ’em Her posse beat me by the threes, I call ’em Reggie Miller She roll my weed in giant ?, she tall like ‘Zilla I want you Baby, don’t you run from me, you know I want you She down with Slime, she got a tattoo in another color Thugger getting high in London b**hes walking ’round naked in no pajamas Lil’ homie ran off with lots of numbers And for that, I’m gonna f** your aunt, your sis, your mama Then pop a pill together She want to feel just like I feel, we growing wings together Everything perfect about her, can’t get my things together I turn her up and we sh** out earthlings together Just do it like Michael Montana My ? say I got stamina I cooking the Hannah Montana I bury these hoes like Santas do I k** every one of my features I spend all my money on divas My pockets on yella bands Just like a beeper [Verse 25: A$ton Matthews] They found Max B prints in my way b**h, I rode the Red Sea through my biblical days No roof, snow boots, and that Persian [?] Perving the 80’s, you ain’t never surf with the Brady’s Ric Flair, a heavyweight champion Got Trish Stratus with them panties on singing “daddy’s home” Bust it, in these Space Jams, I’m a Monstar Do-rag, tote on, that cake blocked in an arm war So rumble, young man, rumble Young k**a when he came out the jungle Young dealer in the rains with the bundles Gets no realer, get chipped when you stumble Eat the ox on the foil, ten toes in the soil Chop chop ’till he drop, f** what you thought I never leave my life with a lawyer Eyes wide with my head on the swivel Choose a side or get left in the middle I just treat with the sand on the beach When the desert eagles meet, then I’m finna beat Rest them in their sleep, you can lose ’em to the beef Move or we shooting in the jeep Homicide coming through the sneaks Your hands ain’t moving with your cheek Bag ’em up and move ’em up the creek [Verse 26: Prodigy] On my test, got a story to ’em Like all my raps weigh more than music The more I write, the better I do it And right now my stock is up I do me from day one, huh My n***a you know where it hit fours Still f** with me at day hundred Cause I don’t play, I gets off Piss off, b**h, you ain’t lit You just a n***a saying sh** Rappers burn out, Pasadena, Kansas state Mobb Deep is that truth, liar College is that fuel fire Come try me, I show better than tell, Infamous empire I’m on point like the state building I stay sharper than razor blades Think you doing the most, I give you the most Slashes to the face Hoes like “he so angry”, uh Trust me b**h, you gon’ thank me Cause when it pop and the smoke gone We gon’ walk outta here safely f** with me, I got you Real n***a, no costume This modern art that I spit It’s not no bullsh**, and colossal So pour it up, pour it up, that’s how we ball out Cause when I bomb on these n***as it’s worse than nuclear fall out [Verse 27: SL Jones] Keep the small bills separate from the hundreds, please That bank vault can’t talk but the numbers read And the tellers makin’ statements, breakin’ all the codes This ain’t a mothaf**in’ date, we takin’ all the hoes Shop ’til I drop, freshest corpse in the morgue Lookin’ like a fashion fossil, I’m Gianni reborn Four, I was voted most likely to trap It’s survival of the trillest, n***a, die or adapt Waste a lot of champagne but I don’t waste a drop of time Public with my gang relations, throwin’ up the proper signs Sawed off the shotty, got the chopper circumcised Chevy so clean, look like I dipped that b**h in turpentine All my homies certified, all my n***as outchea Look like [?] we burned alive Thought that I would ball ’til I fall, then I learned to fly Spread my wings They say success is contagious so I share my dreams [Verse 28: Nasty Nigel] Bolo swingin’ from left to right I’m not a cholo but I know hoes out in SoHo lovin’ my ethnic type When I smile for the photo looking like Lobo Me and my bloodshot eyes I pa** on the Bud Light Lime Just pa** me that brew of St. Ides Got cash, I ain’t gotta think twice Unconventional sh** Pretentious hipsters that diss Half-a**ed review on Fader Still get no love from Pitchfork Nigel Rubirosa, que la cosa? Feet up on the sofa Heat up on the holster World’s Fair! Yeah, you know us 11-36-8 be the zip code Corona, Queens n***a That’s what I call home Feet on the dash, mind on the [?] Racin’ the Sun just so I can get dome Pretentious shorties I’ve been with My friends that had me convicted It’s been two years and I’m slippin’ Still got no pot to piss in It’s everyone goes, they can s** a [?] We have another song, I won’t f**in’ feel it Eyes on the Harley and I’m tryin’ to peel it Had my eyes on [?] but she married Keaton Got no job so I’m hardly eatin’ And you eatin’ then we f**in’ beefin’ I need a pie and pizza just to meet up for a f**in’ feature [Verse 29: Bobby Creekwater] Man they don’t wanna see a [?] [?] Happier than a mothaf**a You know lightweight grinnin’ in a mothaf**a When you’re a dead guy and you on that high So the whole world spinnin’ in a mothaf**a And a couple young angels hide their halo Cause they’re ’bout to start sinnin’ in a mothaf**a They don’t wanna see a n***a on the upswing In a black tux with cufflinks When you’re the reason that every single girl in the party Wanna dance and cuff drinks When you’re the reason that sh** gets ran And mothaf**as wheezin’ to keep up with the plan And the other n***as show up at your function Actin’ all anti-social [?] Run up on your mama puttin’ money in her hand And you do that sh** again and again and again Pull up in the 8, goin’ home with a 10 And you really can’t defend or depend on your friends Ex girlfriend wanna key up the Benz When the Sun comes up, n***a we up to win Mothaf** you man, all you do is set trends And you do that sh** again and again and again [Verse 30: Action Bronson] Ugh, ugh Got those motherf**ing custom Roshes Feel me? This big beard cover my face Until my mother gets her first crib My hand’s on some surf sh** My Spanish mami perfect f** around and get your father’s shirt lift Drop a thousand on some sake and some urchin Swing the Dodge Viper lefty like I’m Randy Johnson Hand me the Thompson I’ll spill your clams on the carpet Then eat some snails with some garlic Paint the town with a harlot Green feelers and Carhartt Three-wheelin out the car lot Put the snorkel on the Wrangler cause I’m silly I chip a little piece of brick into the philly My daughter’s neck is chilly My son’s neck is chilly My mother is so cut Look like it got bit by a grizzly And these d** got me spinning like some capoeira Still rock the slow beats with gold teeth Ain’t afraid to hold heat Control the Jeep That’s for the slow creep f**in’ p**y smells like old meat It’s me [Verse 31: Heems] Heema the highest human, flyest cumin in my unit I ?, the shorties swoonin’, and they want to get to spoonin’ Never wished i was taller, himanshu ain’t no midget Never wished i was a baller, if I want it, then I get it I built a f**ing blueprint, like who the f** you kidding? I;m ridin’ around and I’m gettin’ it, if it’s mine, i’m spending You lames and you fall, i’m like 2 Chainz when i ball Got Husseins on my feet and Husains on my wall Hussein Chalayans, a pretty girl said that’s fancy Unless his name is Hussein, give a f** who your mans be My shoes got dials, they ain’t got laces If you got beef, I show up with many faces Been to many places where we leaving many cases Running ’round, man, but we never catch no cases Give a f** about what you say, kicking it with like two babes Top off, toupee, hot as f**, creme brûlée [Verse 32: Mike G] There’s no way I can care about much You probably do the most and it’s never enough King Midas, I can make gold with a touch Change my location to awesome, you should address me as such Swear this game, you have to know it like the back of your hand Destined to be like Superman for as long as you can Wondering what’s the purpose without living a life so grand The worst hand is having the world without a master plan I feel like you gotta pardon Mike for taking over this Earth And [?] sleepless nights and long flights And I don’t like discussions unless it concerns a price If you make it out of spite, you still make it so it’s alright I spit magic, so cold and lavish Bad broads perform s**ual acts in traffic So smooth, the saxophone and jazz is [?] what you lack and focus on what you have in the G More than average, I’m nothing to test If it’s to me, you step and contest, then bring your best Give it your all, now women beg me to call And unless we overseas, we don’t shop in the mall Consider this [?] I’ve become urban myth My aim is so swift, with this I can’t miss Top notch, number one on everybody’s list I promise to k** them all til everybody’s missed [Verse 33: Yak Ballz] I never sell d**, I took ’em Never write rhymes, I cook ’em I’m from the Old New York Where you got your chain snatched And your kicks tooken I put my city up like I’m bench pressing Scorin’ high off the [?] Brutal, last in 10 seconds Jolly good, body good I met a stripper named Hollywood In Hollywood, gla** slipper And she gave me the sloppy gooooood So you should tip her if you execute Young leisure suit [?] with no extra loot My ex left me destitute So chances are I don’t remember you if I slept with you You want karats, I’m turnin’ rappers to vegetables City of God, I’m askin’ what would the devil do? Instagram it, I forever rule, Ricky [Verse 34: Zebra Katz] Super villain, I’m k**in’, kick in the door Watch me spillin’ ’em, f**in’ winnin’ Straight k**in’ haters, they catchin’ them feelings See me grillin’, me drillin’, like we chillin’ But really see I’m fulfillin’ their fantasies Like I’m f**in’ my frienemy Yo what’s up, see me on [?] tryna get buck Where in the world did he get that from? When the ba** drop down and he kick that drum So what’s up? Where in the world did he get that from? Where in the world did he get that from? When the ba** drop down and he kick that drum Yeah I’ve been known to really f** it up [?] zip zap zup Speedin’ on the highway, Bronco truck When you ask for the Katz, mothaf**a here I come Yeah I’ve been known to really f** it up [?] zip zap zup Speedin’ on the highway, Bronco truck When you ask for the Katz, mothaf**a here I come [Bridge: Zebra Katz] x2 Need [?]? Well I got it right here Need motivation for the a** to gon’ twerk? Well I got it right here If you need a thing, a thing, then I got it right here [?] I got it right here, I got it right here [Verse 35: Curtis Williams (of Two-9)] Most of these n***as gon’ hate Me and my n***as get paid One n***a swing then we all gon’ swing We all gon’ catch that case Couple [?] to the face, got a [?] straight Rappin’ on beats got a young n***a made What can I say? My closet got Bape I don’t do delays, I want it today Noisy pack in my wrap Hennessy in my cup Ginger ale if I chase But I really don’t do that much I really don’t have that time You ain’t ryin’ to get no funds Doin’ this sh** ’til I die I’m rollin’ and smokin’ on d** [Verse 36: Reese (of Two-9)] Rollin’ up, chokin’ up on the kush smoke Whip sick, big wheels, Big Willie sh** Hot boxer, hot sauna, car full, thick I love the constituents, is down to get their lids peeled Still pimpin’, ridin’ ’round town gettin’ low With my bright skin shawty, call her light show She like Reese I’m tryna light that Show love, she hold me down like an ice pack It’s big faces on faces bruh Big faces on faces bruh Dead men in my pockets got me goin’ up It’s goin’ face down if a n***a flex us Yeah, in God we trust, but bands is a must We gotta get that, spend that, get that Re-up, recoup, repeat that [Verse 37: Dave (of Two-9)] Say deuce 9 in that ending Been winning since the beginning Did a couple shows, need a couple more That price right but we skippin’ [?] we gettin’ it With that work I turn into a chemist Walter White, send a [?] to my n***as locked up in prison Free my n***a Chris And free my uncle Marky Now tell them they f**ed up When they told ’em they could start me Cause I ain’t lettin’ up, they’re talkin’ ’bout the best They better mention us, yeah they better mention us [Verse 38: LightSkinMac11 (of Two-9)] Apartment off [?] Rottweiler just to watch ’em Maybachs for the profit Get a Lexus for my mama Hail Marys for our fathers Press the pedal to get farther In that new thing [?] the dollar All about it so don’t f**in’ bother My loose change got me Bruce Wayne And a 3 page spread Y’all was sleepin’ on the flow just a couple months later Now y’all purchasing the flow, East Coast [Verse 39: Alkebulan (of Two-9)] King, god, pharoah Feared the sensei, go for bone marrow, save My name is running coyote I’m on peyote with the queen, running on waves I will make water out of Hennessy [?] a monk, I was born a public enemy Reign insurmountable A woman will make me climax but she won’t be into me This is not a dream, marchin’, in all black A black claimed king Respect the illustrator Don’t you dare try the Elohim of flexin’ I say my name when I name drop, son Who’s the god in this pantheon? Two-9, Alkebulan, Alkebulan, Alkebulan, Alkebulan [Verse 40: CEEJ (of Two-9)] Get up trick Put your head to your knees like a sit-up, b**h Get too live for the crew, Two-9 We’re the new 2 Live Crew, give up, b**h Send ’em all to Hell, [?] Spit it like braille, gotta feel this sh** [?] check up, haters still [?] Yellin’ k** ’em all and I’m on ball like I’m Billups, b**h [Verse 41: Jace (of Two-9)] Runnin’ our heart, sit up b**h Hard to go to sleep, all we know is work Catch no Zs, chilled on purp [?] came second but my bills on first East Side n***a, still my turf Pierce like ‘Matic, hoes still at it Swing like a batter and my crew goin’ at it Best believe that that sh** gon’ hurt [Verse 42: Alexander Spit] Toot up the French horn The fog machine is sandstorm Ain’t go to camp Cordless toward the performer that’s keepin’ your amps warm ‘Fore the fans swarm All but the limousine, swear to God that’s in between Indigo indie dream, you intervene Yeah that’s a Spit sixteen Hearts inside of my tip jar Like a bleeding beneath wood floor And if every lion is purrin’ Then I’ma be certain I let my engine roar I’m swingin’ swords and swingin’ chains Singin’ pure and bangin’ strange This Alexander Spit and I’m off the wall like [?] I’m changin’ lanes Driftin’ around whatever it is this game became Like gorillas and orangutans Go bananas and bangarang They say I’m prayin’ to that cross For all of that fifteen minute fame But I’ma get my [?] And the god’s here So baby just open your bra zip And just let them titties out And let ’em bounce like this was Paul Revere I’m 7.0in’ on Pitchfork I’m 10-0in’ on this court This Alexander Spit with a pistol [?] full of [?], I got this [Verse 43: ScottyATL] Better have my check, I need that first Before I move, before I step See I been burned it don’t take long And learn quick, it ain’t no twice I gave my time, I gave my life So I won’t bet what all I spent I’m trying to be good, I’ll take your ? And I ain’t even playin, just ask my clique You know my steez, trying to get real A-Town Got that or either got sump’n to give away Big feet on the bottom of a Chevrolet Everybody and they mamma sell plenty hay Need to ride with the weight scale Propped up in the seat trying to get that My ? on a eastside ho ? Tell Bron Bron we can bring the Heat back I’m a champ, I support it Flipping through the hundred Cool Club with it Running to the money I’m in shape, I’m in shape stacking cake Duncan Hines go get “Faith” thats my last tape I’m on 10, I’m on fire, I’m on point, I’m on smash Rolly on my dash, breaking down in my ? I’m Atlanta, ScottyATL ho 1 space that’s a Y not an IE Slipped in ain’t even check ID Game leave me I’ma rap IV [Verse 44: Da$h] Year before ’83, I be the kid who found ET Tell him teach me all he know, prolly make [?] Call a b**h over for throat and put her on some [?] Just to get up in her brain and now she out makin’ me change I’m full of dynamite, throw her on the blade, no Wesley Snipes Young Roxanne, baby, sell that body to the night I’m [?] to die for once [?] throw the pad at Christ, they askin’ God how do I write this stuff The Lord never liked me much, but I’m sayin’, “Oh well” Blazin’ up with the devil, watchin’ [?] in the cell Matches your favorite actress, blastin’ naked on my mattress Polygraphs break, you say I ain’t the illest n***a rappin’ [?] captain of this multi million dollar faction Man didn’t chief My sons of sons’ll sandwich the beef We get loot, always scram from police You b**h n***as lose your head if you speak I ash the doobie off the cruise ship And flew [?] cheffin’ out of Ruth Chris Two b**hes tellin’ me they do sniff What do you know? So much wax in this b**h, smokin’ You’d thinkin’ I’m f**in’ mad or too soft [?] Nah, f** that Bring them [?] back [?] On a daily basis, sip liquor, I never chase it [?] I’m the greatest, carve a statue of my face, b**h

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