No Photos Lyrics – Mac Miller

[Intro: Mac Miller]
Rollin’ on dubs (Ooh), rollin’—, rollin’ on dubs (Ooh)
(Ladies and gentlemen)
Rollin’—, rollin’—, rollin’ on dubs (You are about to witness)
Rollin’—, rollin’—, rollin’ on dubs, rollin’ on dubs (Chyeah)
Rollin’—, rollin’ on dubs
(To be honest, I don’t know what the fuck you’re ’bout to witness)
Rollin’—, rollin’ on dubs (It’s gonna be somethin’)
Rollin’—, rollin’—, rollin’ on dubs (And I made this beat, bitch)
(This is, um) Rollin’—, rollin’—, rollin’ on dubs
(Start it off) Rollin’—, rollin’ on dubs (Bill the Kid)

[Verse 1: Bill the Kid]
On dreams, every time I come up with a scheme on scene
With the green on lean, seems so mean
Hoes comin’ out the freak bitch, you were watchin’ TV
I’m just here for my team, ho
Got a mazy on my 1950 beam
So they know me as the artist with a linе of vintage T’s on
Weed smoke, peacе, ho, throw does, speakin’ numbers
Just for weak kids to go home, we don’t know you
I roll whole foods and blow black owl smoke, I’m on the pound now
You prolly think there was a clown, no
East side to Cali though, don’t get it twisted
‘Cause we here loads downtown, ribbons on a zipper hood
Crispy old stitchin’ vintage, pretty old hippy shit
Rather not shop and just go what I’m meant to get
For now I’m in the Burgh gettin’ figures but California dreams, not so far distance here
I can’t lie, I’d like to earn the black instead of stripes
Flippin’ big birds on the curb, I can’t turn to that
I’m in it still, where the air feels great, and I can never complain
I got a fam and we make ends
Make friends, know it’s blood or fuck off the dicks
All kicks, not laugh, just all the pics
Red shit you can’t have, so I’m here with Mac
Treejay’s on the track while he roll his pack
And I’ll never let their backs off
Used to hit Mac off with packs just to get him cash, dawg
Now we’re past grown, with antique fabrics on
They got me in this booth to spit some lines that hit like Magic on ’em

[Interlude: Franchise & Mac Miller]
Aight (Franchise)

[Verse 2: Franchise]
Gucci, Gucci, Louie, Louie, Fendi, Fendi, Prada
Ain’t show up in none of that, but she finna give up that slobba
Just a THC fit and some based out Vans
From the east side of Pittsburgh to Studio City, we jam
You can bang it at your man’s or bang it out your sedan
Steam a Q of piff too, and if its dro, well, we burn a gram
Peanut got some purple, and Treejay just copped a O of hash
We stop smokin’ bullshit in ’05, let that potent pass
Really ripped, pass me a couple of that activist, I’m really hit
Kickstand status on this flight, snorin’ off some silly shit
But since I’m on the west, I’m actin’ brand new, it’s damn true
Might have one of Mac’s Hollywood honeys, h’just what Fran do
Hit up Demi Lovato, let her hold his dick for a day
Me and Sofia Vergara, a pair up while I’m out this way
No stuntin’, no frontin’, we coast to coast, man
You ain’t gettin’ a VIP unless you Most Dope, fam

{Verse 3: Willy Whip$}
My man Billy kinda silly with the zips of the piff
If he hand you one off, better give it a wiff
Get full off another forty, a bitch
The way we ballin’ out, you would think that we rich
Oh, I see you already know how the Most Dope roll
Off a Henny and the O
If we blowin’ on somethin’, best believe it ain’t that dro
Bitch, suck my dick while I smoke this blunt, I’m gangster

[Interlude: Mac Miller]
Vinny Radio

[Verse 4: Vinny Radio]
Wanna be part of the team, first compliment the genes
This they need noggin mornin’ sausage for the team (Bitch)
The drop portions, hit the compartment for the greens
Doin’ donuts inside the apartment of your dreams (Skrrt)
So turn around, bitch, make that Tootsie Pop, pop
Block like a volcano, we be pushin’ rocks, hot (Woo)
How you pullin’ no hoes, and you push a drop-top
As your older sister been be gettin’ pussy since Osh Kosh?
When I’m hoppin’ out the coupe with the pipe and the palm
Lick my lips, raise my eyebrows, blow a kiss to your moms
Ask her, listen, my line up been consistent with charm
But those rich bitches ain’t got no tricks to get a nigga this bomb
So I’m hoppin’ off the red-eye, hittin’ up your wifey
Hoppin’ in the brown eye, gotta get my hair fluffed
Appointment around five, Vin gettin’ money
Conquerin’ the world on my downtime, I’m so about mine

[Interlude: Mac Miller & Peanut]
Rollin’ on dubs (Yeah, motherfucker)
Rollin’—, rollin’ on dubs (Yeah, yeah, that’s it; you already know)
Rollin’—, rollin’—, rollin’ on dubs (Aight; rollin’ on motherfuckin’ dubs)
Rollin’—, rollin’—, rollin’ on dubs (I’ll tell you right now, you not gonna like)
Rollin’—, rollin’—, rollin’ on dubs, rollin’—, rollin’—, rollin’ on dubs
Rollin’—, rollin’—, rollin’ on dubs (Aight; Most Dope)
Rollin’—, rollin’—, rollin’ on dubs (No photos)
Rollin’—, rollin’—, rollin’ on dubs (Please, no photos)
Rollin’—, rollin’—, rollin’ on dubs (You about to witness)
Rollin’—, rollin’—, rollin’ on dubs (Peanut)

[Verse 5: Peanut]
K fouled off, stupid, and yo’ bitch a groupie (Ooh)
And she only wanna fuck me when I do it
Then she got blowed and rolled up a dub (Dub)
Then I played that weak Madden for a dub (Dub)
Give me, uh, some of that Oregon ducky
Then you just came through, then wanna fuck me
Then you brought that AP through, just dutch me
Then I got some nor for the fifty
I don’t break it down, I roll it up in pods
It’s Most Dope and strange against all odds
Now niggas need pods
My bitch light skin like John Stock
Tippy tat on the tippy tae
Now your girl wanna call me Pootie Tang
And you only smokin’ on that pooty face
And you only see me with the pretty Kate
And I need a wet pussy like a [?]
I’ma save a ho with this tazor cape
And then I’ma roll strange all day
Fresh as fuck, nigga, I’m like a ’90s case
Off tees, homies, Most Dope and up
Don’t break it down, just roll it all up in pods
Don’t break it down, just roll it all up in pods

[Interlude: Mac Miller & G-Reg]
Ayo, what’s up, G-Reg?
My man G-Reg right here (Yo, this [?])
Yeah, what up, playa? (‘Bout to tear this thing up)
Go ahead, homie (You ready for me?)
Yeah (Let go)
Let go (Bro)

[Verse 6: G-Reg]
First name G-Reg, don’t make me have to smack ya
Red cup wit’ me drinkin’ liquor, throwin’ stacks up
Mac like Tracy when he played for the Raptors
Step outta line, I might slap ya
You want a verse? That’s fifty grand
Pullin’ chicks every time I do the titty dance
I really am, you just act tough
When I bench, I put a rack up

[Interlude: Mac Miller]
Ayo, Dave
I think it’s about time you address these people
What’s goin’ on, homie?

[Verse 7: Big Homie]
I ain’t playin’ no games, you can miss me with that bullshit
Jump the barricade and get dragged into the bull pit
LittleDave the Twitter, BigDave the baes
That’s about the Most Dope boys gettin’ all the change (Cash)
Mass respect or my fist make sure your teeth work
Stomp your face off, Albert Haynesworth, let em squeeze ho (automatic)
We be crackin’ crabs down by the time y’all catchin up
Reclinin’ in the tally at the spot with my feet up

[Verse 8: Q]
I’m eatin’ Roscos, chicken and waffles (Number nine, off top)
Go get a job, ho, make me some tacos
Carne Asada, shrimp with the lobster
Ima pimp with the posture, get bitches like posha
Put some piff in the Palmer, I’m rippin’ the bong up
She liftin’ her thong up, I’m twistin’ the strong up
Master kush, OG, OG (Yes)
Bakin’ cookies, real cookies, homie (Chocolate chip)
Mom’s recipe, shout out to Kim
And Mac brought the weed, so shout out to him (That’s my homie)

[Interlude: Mac Miller]
Aight, I’m about to rap
I’m a real—I’m—I’m a—I’m an MC, you feel me?
To the M, the O, the S, the T (I’m a real MC)
The D, the O, the P, the E (You know what I’m sayin’? I really take this shit seriously)
I don’t fuck around at all
When I spit out these bars, I spit ’em from the heart (Yeah)
I spit ’em hard
Let’s get it started (Look)

[Verse 9: Mac Miller]
Back in the day I was Mac with a packet of haze, rap in elaborate ways
Bitch get smacked in the face, more ass you can smash, more hash, more cash in the bank (Damn)
Azalea or Ashley, pussy juice dri-dri-dri-drip on my khakis, I kicks it with Iraqis
Piss in a baggie, then I sell it as gold (Take that)
Go to ya kingdom and I’ll melt down the throne (Make that)
Stuck on this dope, yeah-yup, I’m the goat, greatest of all time
Watch this beat get fucked in the throat, choke
Most Dope, marvelous, arduous
I’m the hardest with arsenals of these artists
I’m startin’ a revolution, shit
Bitch got a booty thick, coochie loose
Tuna fish groupies want a movie kiss
But they just get there uterus torn to shreds (Torn to shreds)
Make a billion ‘fore I’m dead (Yeah)
Hors d’oeuvres gettin’ served to me while I’m in bed (Kill ’em)
Morning wood, morning head, yeah, it’s pretty simple
Breakin’ up my weed on the Kindle (Smart as fuck)
Bitch, I’m smart as trigonometry, S.A.T.s
I’m an anomaly, please don’t try and get like me, yup (Don’t do it)
We Most Dope, no photos
We Most Dope, no photos, please

[Interlude: Mac Miller, Treejay & The Cigarillos]
Yeah, know what I’m about to bring you right now?
One of the newest R&B superstars (Roll my weed)
Go ‘head, Tree (I’ma pop another bean)
Yeah, this is Treejay

[Verse 10: Treejay & The Cigarillos]
Sippin’ hella lean
Got coke by the key (Coke by the key)
Purp by the pound
Pills that I’m poppin’
Molly all around
Serve, no problem
Xanny ‘fore I spit
Tree to the sleeves
Xanny, Xanny, Xanny
Please give me a Xanny
I love them drugs in my system (In my system)

[Interlude: Mac Miller]
No, no, no, he’s not done yet
The innovative, highly educated, underestimated
Said to be the greatest
Get ’em

[Verse 11: Treejay & The Cigarillos, Mac Miller]
Lean ‘n’ Ketamine (Whats that?)
Yes, Promethazine (Drugs)
Coke ‘n’ estacy (Lot of drugs)
Bouta wreck directory (For real, a lot of drugs)
Acid and E, that’s candy flipping
Hallucinating, these shrooms got me trippin’ (Trippin’)
I’m lifted (I’m lifted, I’m lifted)
(At the same time) I take Percocets, wait, I’m servin’ yams
I pop another Roxy, I’m takin’ them Oxys
You ain’t high as Tree, you ain’t high as Tree

[Interlude: Mac Miller, Treejay & The Cigarillos]
Ladies and gentleman (High as Tree), brace yourselves
(You ain’t Tree) This is Goldie Glocks

[Verse 12: Goldie Glocks]
It’s Most Dope, you homos, we blow dough, you nose blow
We drive fast, we pull hoes, come kick it, my dojo
We do drugs, we drink beer, I need that to think clear
I drive drunk to see fear, my dick says, “Come eat here”
Your cooch says, “Come skeet here,” I love pussy, I need that
Your bitch is my weed sack, I always break it down
Had a threesome with a minor and a chubby chick
Fuck it, though, they love my dick, rubbin’ it and huggin’ it
I one time fucked a bitch ‘n’ had her squirtin’ like a porno flick
But little did I know, it wasn’t cum, it was a bunch of piss
Oh shit, oh shit, no, this ho just didn’t pee in my bunk
And tinkle on Chris’s teams, lol
What a smell, go to hell, and tell the devil (Oh, shit)
“Jimmy needs another day” (Oh, shit)
‘Cause I’m a horny motherfucker named James (Oh, shit)
Don’t forget I’m gettin’ drunk and beatin’ pussy out the frame (Oh, shit)

[Interlude: Mac Miller]
Clockwork, get ’em

[Verse 13: Clockwork & Mac Miller]
I said I’m fuckin’ fruit and eatin’ groupies (Fuckin’ fruit, eatin’ groupies)
I said I’m fuckin’ fruit and eatin’ groupies (No shit)
I said I’m fuckin’ fruit and eatin’ groupies
Your DJ butt like Sam Bowie (Tell ’em)
My name Clock, I drive a hoopty
Toy Story 1 my favorite movie (Oh, shit, oh, shit, oh, shit, oh, shit)
Most Dope, we bust heads, smoke kill, fuck the feds, y’all dress the same
We honor Brazilian women, and girls who wear cut-off mom jeans (What up, Rihanna, though, I ain’t playin’ man, for real)
Cincinnati, where Rudolph ain’t the only one when the red beam
Hey, hey, hey, while I’m rappin’, anyway
I’m a fuckin’ DJ, and shout out to MTV for not pickin’ me as a VJ
(I remember that shit)
I’m the youngest twenty-seven-year-old you know rappin’ like Cleveland
I got my low-riders, sprayin’ the Beretta
I like provolone cheese, but I fuck with that bruschetta (Bruschetta)
(Niggas gotta eat healthy) Yeah, you can’t fuck with me
I still eat import star fruit on the beach resort
1985, my fashion teleport (Stop rappin’; woo; stop rappin’)
I’m hoppin’, I’m sippin’, I’m leanin’, at what you doin’, shit

[Interlude: Clockwork & Mac Miller]
Yeah, that Most Dope shit real, motherfucker (Yeah), ayy
(With the bucket hat on)
You know what I’m sayin’, fuck a hat, man
Flag’s out, cape’s out
Have shoes on, tubes on
Sock game is proper (Man, shut the fuck up, yo)
Shut the fuck up, yo, fuck you, Doug, fuck you, Doug
Yeah, motherfucker, you know who this show this is
Man, this my shit, motherfucker, this my studio
I paid for this shit in cash, cash

[Verse 14: babyscumbag]
Ooh, scumbag, you’re so sexy
Yes, yes, I am, with the swag, bruh
Too much ass, bruh, too much ass, bruh
It’s scumbag (Ya)
And I like Capri Sun’s better than I like my freaky bitches (I also like ass, bruh)
I’ll give one hundred juice boxes to live in Kim Kardashian’s ass
And we’re from Southwood, in your bitch’s pussy (Pussy)
Scumbag killin’ with the swag, bruh (Swag, bruh)
Twelve years old and you know I’m reppin’ gold (Gold)
Pussy farts, pussy squirts, you know I like it old (Very old)
I think I’m Silkk the Shocker, Polo boxes bitches like my nigga Waka
Shout out Missy Elliot, one time (Most Dope)

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