Lavender Town Lyrics – Juice Wrld

[Intro: Zay Loco]
I’m high as hell on this shit, man
Juice, what up, man?
I know you rollin’ off them pills
I’m finna tweak on this bitch, man
Gang shit tho

[Verse 1: Zay Loco]
I spaz on the track, y’all niggas so wack
In the booth turnt up, then Juice up next
Ring, ring on my line, yo bitch wanna sext
I don’t ever call back, hell nah, just text
I’m a young ass nigga and I swung so blessed
Won’t ever be broke, smoke dope for the stress
Yeah I’m ’bout that life, I don’t even need hoes
Left hook, right hook, knock a nigga out his soul
I just wanna get rich, gettin’ money is the goal
Want a foreign ass whip with a bitch that’s gold
With a fat ass crib, one of these count rolls
I need fame and bread, school shit gettin’ old

[Verse 2: Juice WRLD]
Like woah, I’ma get the money then go
Pass the bitch like a give and go
I’m on a roll, I just want dough
I told you niggas what the fuck that I’m on
All of my niggas be rollin’, these bitches be rollin’
They rollin’ wit’ us and we goin’
All of my niggas they gone blow on that strong
Got a gun on me so my life is long
Told I’m the man, don’t forget it
Boy I swear to god, I’mma aim at his vision
In the cut, give a fuck, hell nah, we scissors
Abracadabra, I turn to the wizard
Freestyle shit I don’t even gotta write it
I can see the future like a muhfuckin’ psychic
Girl gonna ride my dick like a bike
She a li’l ass bitch, call that shit Little Tike
Muhfucka, yo girl that shit I like
Boy, told you I’m in it for real, duh
All of my niggas be rollin’, I swear I be Romeo
I pop me a pill
All of my niggas go crazy
What the fuck is you on?
All of these niggas be lazy
But there’s millions on my futon
Millions on my futon, ayy

Finish him!

[Verse 3: Juice WRLD]
Uh, I’m goin’
These hoes, they be goin’, they already know it
Co-Coke in the air, told yo’ girl it was snowin’
All of these bitches ain’t loyal, they hoein’
Fuck is you talkin’ ’bout, all of my niggas, they ballin’
Swear that they ballin’ like Spalding
Taught you to auction
Gettin’ money, boy, I’m doin’ these verses, the highest the offer
Look, boy I get high, me touch the sky
I’m too fly
Girls kissin’ girls, I swear that they bi
And after I fuck, I tell they ass, “Bye”
Any nigga wanna come get it, I got it
Don’t forget it, I’m rolling up pot
It’s blurry ass vision
I swear these niggas talk dumb til I pull it out, shoot on the spot
Any nigga wanna come get it, we gone
I get this shit then I’m gone
I’m out workin’ all night and I do this rappin’ shit on my own
I need shouts out to my nigga Zay
You know that’s the game though
And I feel like Future all day
‘Cause when I turn up I get on beast mode
Sick of this rap game
Getting used to these cheat codes
My Glock sing all day
Bitch, I ain’t even talkin’ ’bout Glee tho

Stitch ’em up like Lilo
Run up on me, that’s some dumb shit
These niggas talkin’, they just startin’ rumours
But these bitches follow by assumptions
And I’m just tryna get this money
I get the money like it’s nothing
It’s Halloween when I come around
Mask on, we is smashing pumpkins
‘F’ everything, nigga I ain’t even talkin’ ’bout that I’m flunkin’
But all these niggas stupid, boy I’m A1, all these other niggas flunkin’

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