Half Measure Lyrics – The Weeknd

(It’s time)

Grandma told me that you’re sowing the seed
I care about gold when I tell you, believe me
I went all the way home when I came to see you
I make you wanna bone when I seem to be on my
Youngest killer, kid got game
I left home never looked back in the same
I’m at the stage where I turn into a star
I’m coming for the big yards that won’t get stardom like
I’m 25 and I just made it from the bottom
I never brag but it’s hard thing, I never lie
My niggas stay quiet they ain’t seen no lie
Me and kid no lie in this thing no lie you know
I already told you the city don’t love now
Never much shame when I seem to ball but how’d I
Go from Mod Clubs to an arena
And go to arena and tell em’ give me the beat I’m like
I got game
That typa nigga game
I throw you niggas out and I’m fuckin’ bitches no shame
Imma wife her then i make her the baddest in the game
Its insane bumpin’
Zine in a Mulsanne

Im like, uh, you know the way
Wasn’t gonna be the same
Wasn’t born into the rich life like you
You fazed I ain’t
Tellin’ lies when you get me to stay
Would’ve been all funny when you get no lane, ahhh

I just wanna take a little time
I just wanna wait, you say it
I just wanna make you love
I just wanna make it so
Say it love, It’s the only way to make it stop
Give it a little time
I just wanna, yeah

XO special
High Klassified is sick
Say it, say it, say it, say it
Maybe I should

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