Fire in The Booth Lyrics – Migos

[Instrumental: 2 Chainz – Road Dawg]

From the jail cell, my wrist so sick it got sickle cell
Working my wrist like a ferris wheel
You say this and that what my pocket fill
We don’t spare no nigga, cut his head off and show me he’s real
We got diamonds and gold ain’t no stainless steel
Independent we didn’t take a deal
I know you heard about the fight
I know you heard about the shoot
I know you heard a nigga ruthless
It’s fifty thousand for a viewing
Bitch you see the dab

When I copped the Coupe they was mad at me
Hoes calling me the dab daddy
Bettin’ poker chips I ain’t playing Madden
I’m a rich nigga, you can check my status
Passed chemistry and failed mathematics
Money counter do the adding
I bought a carpet from Aladdin
So I can finesse and do magic

What the fuck wrong with these niggas
Acting like he don’t really know a nigga
Acting like he don’t really owe a nigga
Pull up on the block I show a nigga
It will blow a nigga ain’t talking ’bout a motherfucking lawnmower nigga
Gas bags at the back door in the bando
Young niggas trap at the corner store, nigga
So many gold pendants on my chain you would think a nigga won a trophy nigga
[?] bogus nigga
Flex like a wrestler action figure
Hocus pocus, pull up in a Lotus and my diamonds sick is like I got ebola
Beat up th pot now the dope swollen
In the kitchen whippin’ chickens makin’ odor

Hold on Takeoff, hold up Takeoff
Hit the nigga with the sawed off
Then the nigga running off

Flip his body like it’s fucking soft
Hole in one like we playing golf
Pass it to Takeoff I bin and I call it the toss

[Instrumental: That’s not me – Skepta ft. JME]

I took your girl last night, I put her in the Lamb
Dropped the top, drop the top cause she know who I am
Showed her my pinky ring, man it’s bout a gram
Every time she see me, get it and she know

Now when I turn my wrist in that bowl it’s spectacular
Look at my pinky, yeah it look like it’s Africa
Niggas wanna be me yeah ’cause I’m a bachelor
Pull up on a nigga I’m smoking tarantula

I see you flexing, actin’, you a character
Pull up caterpillar fuck your bitch today
My wrist just look like red Kool-Aid, oh my God
Pull in a Phantom and it laughs

Bitches sucking me like I’m Dracula
Young rich nigga, get your camera
Everybody wanna pull up Panarama
Quavo every time I pull up camera

Niggas wanna be the Migos
Taking a trip to go pick up them kilos
I fuck with god damn Pedro and I know John Rico

And I know Diego and I know Eduardo

Can’t forget about Nino
Got out the cheeto
Wrapping the bricks and we send ’em cross the water, burrito

Pull up on the block in the Lamborghini the keys from the [?]

Keys from the [?], Keys from the [?]
Ooh like lingo, money long like

All these niggas be biting our lingo
If you hear what rappers they do sound like the amigos
True story
No lie
No flex
Look at the diamonds on our neck, VVS

Man are on like Lambo
Shoutout to YRN Lingo
God that my people
Might push a whole kilo
Yeah Migo Bandz, might cook a whole gram
Young Mango Foo dropped out of school
But he keep the tool
Ain’t breaking no rules
All my niggas get that dough

What I do, young nigga act a fool

Act a fool, Act a fool

Hit him with the uppercut, like Ryu!

Migo Jerz, stayed around the curb
Used to hotbox in the box Chevy, that my world

Hot boxing up in the Chevy
This is his world
All of my niggas get money we dabbin’, we smashin’ on girls

Dab Daddy
Dab Daddy
Might pull up in the old school Caddie
Got your bitch, she mad at me
Bad niggas want to….

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