Fire In The Booth Freestyle – Logic

Shout out Mos Def, all day

[Verse 1 : Logic]
See Imma strictly go into a different type of zone on this microphone
They call me L-O-G-I-C, I’m here up in the BBC
I got to spit it with this free, it’s strictly off the T.O.P
Y’all know the deal we always keep it real, that RattPack
That’s a fact, break a bitch’s back
When I get it, spit it like crack, doing 70 on this highway
On in front of this bus and bussin’ my mind open
Hoping these zeros will keep me coping on the ground
Like coping no time to bring the dope and got this narco got me feeling lit
It’s been like 3 months since I’ve been home
Feel like forever how long I’ve been gone
Goddamn, it’s hella crazy
This shit, it never faze me, amaze me
The second I spit it I rip it ridiculous, hella crazy
Ripping and living and striving and killing and ripping
He know this deal, this is how we do it on the real
This that random thought like Black Thought, The Roots
Then that Mos Def, Tribe Called Quest, nevertheless
I’m spitting more never less
When I get it, god damn, touching your bitch’s breast, I insist
I spit it I get it I rip it, it’s gotta be crazy
When I do, it never do amaze me
I’m repping L.A now, used to be on M.D
And this is how we do it from this free
From the bay, to the bay, I jumped across the pond

Gotta spit it, with this one like I’m Harry Potter
Hairy twatter, all up on these bitches
The second I spit it far from the riches
It’s hella crazy this is random thought
I said it once, I said it twice like a pneumatic device
I bring these words, hella absurd sweetest spit at the curb
Goddamn it’s hella crazy, no it don’t amaze me when I spit this fire
Higher than a sire, my first name is Sir, S-I-R
Can you understand, this is how I get it
It’s hella crazy yeah I gotta keep it going
It’s strictly off the top, I don’t know what I’m saying
Never delay ’em and damn, when I get it I’m bringing them in
This is how we do it so showed out
This is how we do it so showed out, it’s hella crazy
I went from America to Europe
This is how we get it I spit it I rip it right back
I’m here with Charlie
This is how we do it yeah the flow is hella gnarly
Once again it’s L-O-G-I-C, up in B.B.C
And this is how we do it gotta get’em with the free, it’s Logic

[Interlude: Charlie Sloth & Logic]
Was that from the top of the dome the whole thing?
Yeah, off the top of the dome man, just having fun
Wow, that was a mad ting, that was a mad ting
Thank you, man
Alright, you know what, now I’ve seen you’re real good off the top
You put yourself in for it because I couldn’t see you could do this
I lot of rappers they come by, and they got their writtens ready
I know, and sometimes they give you shit for it
Even when you do it off the top
Now it’s crazy freestyling is like so different
But I just, I dunno I love to go off the top
Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t
But you’re just having fun, I think that’s a part of the art

Alright, you know what I’m going to do, yeah?
I’m gonna just throw words into the mix
And I wanna see you juggle the words and just throw them into your raps, yeah?
Alright, we’re gonna start with “burgers in London”
Burgers in London, okay

[Verse 2 : Logic & Charlie]
Check it, check it, uh, yeah
I just got back from M’s
The L’est cheeseburger the burglar’s stilling this
Second I get it ridiculous, it’s hella crazy
They quench my thirst to birth
I gotta get it when I’m hungry as fuck
Up off this tour bus, it’s more of us
Over here in Europe, yeah, then keep it going
Give me another word, so I can keep it flowing, wassup (Drake)
Drake, you know he’s one of the best, no contest
But I’m coming for the throne
Spit it when I get it like a cyclone
I murder the dome
It’s strictly off the top again so can we go
Come again, let’s go (One extra)
Uh, one extra, second I get it it’s the
Best of the best, there’s no tester
Second I get it, professor when I spit it like this
It’s hella crazy never lazy when I get it like this (London weather)
Uh, London weather, it’s hella crazy
Oh my goodness, it’s hella cold
When I spit it like an iceberg
That’s my word, so absurd
It’s hella crazy but these women is on fire
Can you feel it my desire when I feel it
Yeah it’s on come on, keep it going (Kim Kardashian)
Kim Kardashian got the assian
Bring it back, oh my god, yeah that’s a fact
Couple, couple years of work done on her face
But she’s still pretty, you know she’s hella fine
And she’s with the guy Ye, all day
Spit it when I get it, gotta get it, can I get a beat?
Damn my man, so let’s keep going, let’s keep going (Kanye West)
Uh yeah, Kanye West, one of the best, nevertheless
Ain’t no need to test when I digest
I spit it strictly off the top of the dome or the chest
When I bring it can you understand
I infest your central nervous system
I get it never diss ’em, dismiss ’em
When I bring it I miss ’em, I never do
Keep it going (Summer Jam)
Summer Jam, my man, this is how we do it
Goddamn when I gotta do it
I’m tryna do it, tryna get up on that stage
Hit’em with the Johnny Cage kick to the chest
I gotta keep it up, keep it up
I love to perform in front of thousands and thousands
Different faces and races, colors and ages
It’s hella crazy can you feel it
Never amaze me I got it, yeah, it’s Logic, wassup (One more, British women)
British women I’m swimming in
Second I get it I’m spinning’em
You know it’s hella good with the dividend, doesn’t matter
Cause when I’m in London I’m dropping pounds like weight loss
Shout out my homie to the boss
I stole that last line from my homie but it’s all good, hella good
Kill it like I should you know it’s Logic

[Break: Logic]
Crazy shit, uh, yeah

[Verse 3: Logic]
Spit it like this, let me get it like this, hella crazy
Flow never lazy, can you feel this
Once again it’s strictly off the top of the dome
When I’m sending them home
I gotta get it, I get it, I rip it I get it and bring it back like that
Can you feel it, motherfucker, that’s a fact
When I get it I’m half white and half black
Never gotta, attack, when I keep it on going
It’s that grime shit, when I spit it off the top, when I slime shit
It’s hella crazy, the beat’s hella-hella crazy
It’s kinda funny when I do it like this
When I’m moving like this, when I’m grooving like this
I, never flow like this on the usual, but when I’m here and it’s London
Gotta keep it going when I’m bumping, dumping [?]
Wanna feel it, can you heal it, can you do it just like this
Hella nice off the top when I get it like this
God damn, never heard some shit like this
Really really really wanna get it like this
Never written right now ’cause this shit is forbidden
It’s like this, goddamn, can you feel it can you feel it
Can you feel it, can you feel it
Hit you with the Hadoken the second I get it
I spit it I’m puking, I gotta spit it right now
Goddamn, can you feel it right now, that’s the grime shit
That’s the grime shit
When I spit it off top all the time shit
Hella fun, hella crazy
And always know it’s never crazy
And always know it’s never lazy

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