[Verse 1: Young Lo] OHB sh**, look Swear these b**hes think I’m Bruce Wayne Pull up in that blacked out Aventador Young Lo with the bag f** you little n***as rentin’ for? Fixed up your life and paper tags on your wife If I only hit it for the night, why that price tag was light (woo) f** boy don’t run Tryna book me for the tec, they ain’t know I had a gun Yeah, I came about the slums Where the thugs and the k**ers at Started with a gram, had the chickens to a quarter pack Now I’m doing numbers, bust a plays like quarter back RG3, I could dish it all for runnin’ back Straight n***as stay, used to never get the interstate Lee Ainslie with the bricks, b**h, I’m pushing’ heavyweight [Verse 2: Young Blacc] Young Blacc n***a, I promise, I got ’em Look, whatever time it is, f** it, here, I’m goin’ in Know my bullsh** like the Knicks, but I’m back to winnin’ Tell me sue or ten, John stark said he close to kin Subway on the way to Harlem just to get some scenes Move it from the from the corner store Said he got a couple bricks OHB n***a so the crowd looking for a leak Hoody Baby posted at the trap cause he getting in Flawkoe on the phone with a play, guess I plugged it in And if your b**h sell her p**y, course I’ma spend it That’s that D-Boy talk for them drug dealers And just left Detroit, f**in’ with them thug n***as They say that out of town money look the best So I’m focused on this money Lil n***a f** the rest When I got it, I got ’em My n***a Flawkoe on problem I tell my son to go rider And then we pull up on the side, blaka [Verse 3: Rrose Rrome] I should write a book, I love the life full of crime Bein’ a millionaire I put my life on the line Who can your trust when it’s coming so fast Take shots make Margielas turn into toe tags Everywhere I go, white b**hes say I’m gnarly Flawkoe we doin’, Bentley truck or the Ferrari? .40 on the scene, you can tell your man I’m sorry It’s OHB, bet we f**in’ up the party Yeah, money orders if my mans locked Something you should know Super Flexin’, got your man shot VVS is made of headshots Hold up, I’m just a bully in a sandbox [Verse 4: HoodyBaby] Rings so big, all these b**hes think I’m rackcellent I just hit a lick with the team, we the champions Hold up now, you gon’ have to count the cash again Hoody Baby knows it, picking in the bag again I be selling white girls Marilyn and Marilyn, red light, green light All I know is trafficin’, all I know is packagin’ All I know is damagin’, all I know is come through, chop it up and handle it Check me out I be movin’ work, I be movin’ weight, I be pumpin’ base My clique ride like some VMS’ My next shine they are VVS’ [Verse 5: Chris Brown] ‘Cause I work my candy line, pressin’ line Run up on a blood, where you from? East Side, Bounty Balifornia And you ain’t never hit a lick and have to run up on ’em Virginia n***as know about sellin’ on 95 Show up at your door it’s Halloween, like I’m Michael Myers Jamaican savages comin’ at you, with all the knives Spittin’ brazys and goin’ crazy like Colombines I got the AK f** your Draco and your .45 (Yeah) You know that he gon’ snitch, know that he a b**h And you know a n***a ballin’, know a n***a rich Really been in county, n***a, you know what it is You payin’ money for protection, n***a, you a b**h Say it with your chest What you say? What you say? p**y n***a we on the net, runnin’ from the fade Know you gon’ tell the 12 all about me Know you gon’ send the paperwork and n***as, gon’ speak Tryna sell you own a**, tellin’ all you homies I’ma f** you up in private, so these b**hes don’t see I ain’t gotta be your favorite, you ain’t gotta love me I ain’t gotta pay no k**ers, ain’t gotta be drug free n***a say that I’m on that c**aine Sayin’ I’m higher than a motherf**er, okay But when I fire your a** up like propane Blaka, blaka with the choppers, we k**in’ n***as with no names

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