Bag Up Lyrics – Rick Ross

[Intro: Rick Ross]
It’s time to bag up
I wanna bag up
Break it down, bag it up
We goin do it like that
We talkin money bitch, tell m bag it up

[Hook: Rick Ross]
Time to bag up
It’s time to bag It’s time to bag up
It’s time to bag up
Ya’ll like that tone, right there?
Think Imma do it like this

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
It’s time to bag, I bought the red Balenciagas
Rip the tag off, I swipe the card if it’s a lot before I smash off
I roll the dope before we ride, I like to blast off
Kill everything inside, before you take your mask off
Fuck every bitch in ? before you here the last song
They say my name the walk of fame, salute to Brad Jordan
Broke down a brick, and told my boys they’re on back order
It’s time to bag up
Go to the dealer, get the Bentley, rip the tag off
Go to the block and handle mine, I cut your ass off
I put my ? in her name, and plus her ass soft
I’m tryna bag up, I bought the Yeezys, died them red and I wore that pare once
You know I love you if I let you hit my last blunt
In my two seater with two bitches, bout to lap up
I’m bout to act up
I’m tryna bag up

[Verse 2: Scrilla]
I’m tryna bag up, turned in my pistols for choppers, I dare you act tough
Count up a hundred, told my niggas you should match one
Won’t get my shooters involved, they know action
It’s time to bag up, when money involved, these bitches change up
No matter how much you ball, go put some change up
Bought a brick for my plug, hit that bitch once
It still was ten chuncks
It’s time to bag up, junkies loving my shit, I wip that batch up
That bitch was all on my dick, she got her ass done
She let me fuck all her friends, that shit get mad fun
Love none, I’m tryna bag up
I got my shit off the mussle, you doing tax frod
Pussy nigga want trouble, we wack his whole squad
Bought a key for my jeweler, ten on that gold yard
I’m tryna bag up

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