Artificial Flavor Lyrics – Eminem

[Verse 1: Proof] Who started the mimic, whack The gimmick, whack Jimmy cracked corn [?] Give ‘em smacks [?] copycats Hat no better [?] [?] Lost his sense of balance The lame brain put more into the game [?] fame And I’ll drop something proper By slammin’ the hammer down like Judge Wapner And after this [?] face me Throwing’ the blows heavy So if you’re Chevy, don’t chase me Where’s your motivation, [?] Take [?] bed time [?] time Don’t you think you know the station So why [?] [?] Grab a parachute to rock bottom Let the real rappers [?] Here comes the main course [Verse 2: Chaos Kid] Hurah, hurah, ha, haha, ha Good God [?] bye, bye, bye [?] [?] stuff that’ll make you stop and drop [?] ‘Cause you haven’t [?] before It’s probably because I have a different kind of outlook That creates a totally different type of output So stay put you crook and save the book Are we going become [?] And so many rappers are giving credit [?] go But there’ll be none of that repetition here [?] uncle [?] mission clear At the dinner [?] run over [?] past you You better seek a savior Alert to run fast, yeah Basement Productions is definitely in the house Now my fellow figures Let’s go to the question Where, oh, where has our hip-hop gone? [?] we got a yellowish [?] We got to work together to end the [?] To send the [?] back out [Verse 3: Eminem] Not a happy camper ‘Cause somebody put a damper On my spirit, tamper Now I’m [hamper?] with [interference?] We fell asleep and let the drawbridge unguarded Now we’re being bombarded by garbage So I seriously think that your [?] needs a good boost ‘Cause you got me so bored I feel like a piece of wood So I’mma break it to you gently It doesn’t make you a rapper ‘cause [?] Oh no This kind of stuff takes practice You can’t lift weights for first time in your life and expect to be Atlas So I really recommend you find yourself a new outlet ‘Cause you’re wearing out your welcome like an outfit So the real ones I keep a close relationship I no longer have to be in a**ociation with The rappers that are rappin’ [?] and rhyming like a [principle?] [?] ‘Cause this is the type of stuff that’s been bumpin’ us off the schedule [Verse 4: Chaos Kid and Eminem] Spoken like a [?] [?] No charging at the door we charge the margin for No tellin’ ’em [?] makin’ my ear drums numb While they’re making a career from Judy has a big booty Stutterin’ like Porky Pig Rapping the [?] booty You can’t blame it on one and say he did it ‘Cause the pop was flat before you put the ice in it And now it’s time to break out the gats and throw it up in your face until you shut your [?] a** So stop getting dumb and play smart Grow a hundred legs like a centipede [?] K-Mart [?] Before you go take a piece of my heart

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